Why do so few casinos open themselves up to US action?

The United States are notorious for ruthless law enforcement, both within and outside its borders. When Congress passes a bill, they expect the laws put into effect by it to be backed by the agencies responsible for such. As a result, many companies providing services that are considered to lie in a “legal grey area” within U.S. borders decide not to offer their products or services to American residents. It is simply easier not to take the chance of facing charges.

If it is a “legal grey area” can’t they just let their corporate lawyers find them loopholes?

If only it were that easy! Banks within the States are adamant about blocking transactions between online casinos and those using the services. On top of that, there’s a whole slew of what is and is not okay regarding gambling over the internet:

  • Booking bets on sports over a U.S.-based server is clearly illegal under the current laws, as is taking bets over phone lines based in the United States. In 2009, the owner of a popular phone gambling service, BetOnSports, was forced to forfeit $44 million of his profits and serve four years in prison.The FBI seized the man’s client list, as well.

A U.S. citizen or individual inside U.S. borders booking sports bets on a foreign server is still wildly illegal and harshly prosecuted. In 2000, a man named Jay Cohen had a bookie business in Antigua. He was arrested when he returned to the US. He was convicted and served a year and a half in prison and fined $5,000. Again, the client list was seized.

US Illegal Gambling
Internet cafés in Modesto, California was raided in 2013 with twelve people being arrested,67 computers being confiscated and $8,000 in cash also seized during the raid

With the possibility of prison time and losing a massive chunk of hard-worked-for wealth, not many people are willing to take that risk just to gain an American audience. However, the previous examples apply to wagering on sports events only.

What type of wagers are okay, then?

Well,it is not exactly “okay” to place any wager on the web. That is not to say that everyone who does goes to jail, however. Although it is in-arguably against the law to play casino games and gamble with real currency over the internet, it is rare that police will press charges on the site’s users.

The companies operating the online casinos are frequently indicted on charges, however. While the gambler’s personal information is not taken when this occurs like when a blackbook is seized, the patrons of the electronic parlor do lose all of the money they have invested in the site.

One last reason

This last reason for offshore casinos not offering online services to U.S. customers is a little psychological and is not accepted by most countries, the theory’swidely accepted in the States. Gambling addiction is a serious psychiatric problem and is only compounded by gambling over the internet. Here’s why:

  • The online method of gambling:
    • The isolation accompanied by addiction is amplifided.
    • Makes it easier to hide the problem.
    • Gives the addict more time to gamble.
    • Usually leads to more financial and emotional damage.