Where can I find casino game rules and instructions?

When NBA stars are on the court, when footballers are kicking up and down the field and scoring goals, and even when Wayne Gretzky is on the ice, there are rules everyone must follow; the same applies when playing online casino games. The rules usually include barring any action that intentionally hinders a player’s ability to play, how the particular game that’s being played works, and things of that nature.

Each betting parlor is going to have its specific rules of conduct, but so does each of the games. There are also commonly accepted public card room rules. That will be discussed later, however. Rule ‘número uno’ is: Know the house rules. Do not break them or you will be banned from the casino.

Poker Room House Rules

These rules typically include:

  • Counting cards, marking cards, counting slots, and other activities that give the gambler advantage over the house are not necessarily illegal behaviors, but they are strictly forbidden at any casino. If one is caught, the casino will ban the individual for life. This also applies to attempting to manipulate the RNG or any other formula used for online gambling.
    • In addition, all players must show all hands at all times and refrain from a cell phone or face-to-face contact while in play.
  • General manners are expected. If a gambler gets rowdy at a table, where a large deal of money is at stake, the parlor is bound to throw them out after so many warnings. This also transfers to online betting; if a participant is being hostile, rude, insulting, etc., chances are they will be kicked out.

What’s this “public card room rules” thing?

Public card room rules include all of the policies and rules for casinos, both physical and online. They can be found posted on casino websites as well as on physical casino walls. Rules vary from club to club, but the basis of the regulations is similar.

The rules displayed in the card-room rules include the:
  • Poker Variations Within the Parlor-
  • Texas Hold ‘em
  • Seven-Card-Stud
  • Omaha Hold ‘em
  • Ring game and tournament formats.
  • Waiting Lists
    • The majority of game rooms and betting parlors will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.
    • During busy hours, there are often players on several different waiting lists for several different games and buy-in amounts.
  • Chips
    • Chips are the central currency of gambling in a game room, either online or at a physical casino. They are purchased with real money.
    • The card room rules dictate how chips are handled within the parlor.
    • Some houses allow one foreign chip worth extra, some houses have specialty chips or two (especially in online casinos, where these rare chips will give you an extra turn and other advantages), and other rules regarding how they handle the currency.
  • House Fees
    • Finally, most public betting parlors charge a fee for conducting the game. This is called the rake. The fee is around 5-10% of each poker hand but maxes out a specified amount (such as 5% up to $50.00).