What is the best tablet?

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Tablets are becoming more important in many people’s lives. They have the ability to function in many of the same ways as a laptop or desktop computer. They can also work like a smartphone. They offer a bigger screen than a smartphone, the same ability to use as a cell phone device and they can do so much more. Tablets can cost as little as $50 or they can cost more than a $1,000. Finding the best tablet is a matter of getting a table that you need at a price that you can afford. Being the most expensive does not make a table the best and being the cheapest does not make it the worst. There are several things to consider to determine which tablet is the best.

Operating system

Tablets generally depend on one of three operating systems. Apple’s iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows are the three most commonly seen operating system. The best depends on what a person is used to. Many believe that the Apple offers the best combination of speed and power. The Android operating system also functions very well. The windows operating system is fairly recent for tablets and is the least used of the three. For people that want the best tablet that uses the iOS system, the iPad Air is the standard bearer. Android lovers will find the Samsung Galaxy works well and Windows users can turn to the Asus Transformer.


Size matters with tablets. Most people want to find a tablet that is not too big and not too small. Typically tablets screens are between 7” and 12” In general a screen size of around 9 or 10 inches usually work the best and allow people to fully utilize the tablet.


The processor determines how fast the tablet runs. For most people the better the processor the better the tablet. Tablets come with single core, dual core and quad core processors. In general the better tablets have at least a dual core processor. The processor speed of the best tablets will be around 2 Ghz. The Samsung Galaxy has a 1.9 Ghz and the Google Nexus runs at 2.3 Ghz.

Battery Life

One of the best things about tablets is the length that they can run on the battery. Some tablets will last more than 10 hours or more before having to be charged. It will depend on how many apps a person is running and the way they are using the tablet, but some of the best tablets for battery life are the Asus Transformer and the Samsung Galaxy which both offer more than 11 hours of battery life.


Price may be the final thing that people consider. At less than US $300 the Asus Transformer represents a relative bargain. The iPad Air runs around US $350. For those that do not care about price, the Microsoft Surface 3 is just under US $700.

Choosing the best tablet is up to the individual. They need to decide what features are the most important and find the tablet that offers the features that are needed.