What can I expect as an Online Casino VIP?

Anyone who has played in an online game room, or betting parlor, or electronic betting table, or anything of the sort has heard about Casino VIP Programs. Everyone’s seen the hotshots that have all the extra bling, all that pizazz. To be that guy, a casino VIP membership is needed.

So, what exactly is a VIP membership? And if it’s online, what is to be expected from being an online casino VIP?

Macau Casino VIP Room
Macau Casino VIP Room

Above is the Macau Casino’s VIP Room; there is not one person on this planet that would pass up the opportunity to be served champagne and fine hors d’oeuvres, smoke a Cuban cigar and play a game of roulette is a room as luxurious as this. To gain access, however, takes high stature and a good relationship with the house.

Once a player is recognized as a valued regular at the betting parlor, a casino will begin to offer VIP membership. These “very important person” memberships give gamblers much more bang for their buck, so to say.

If I sign up for an online casino VIP program, do I get to visit that sweet lounge?

Obviously, an online casino VIP program is a bit different. Unfortunately, there are no VIP lounges with lush carpets and leather chairs (where does this suggestion need to be sent? Online parlors need a lounge like that ASAP!). There are, however, many other perks. Before addressing that, however, the interested party should be aware of how VIP works with most online casinos.

Cool Cat VIP Club
Cool Cat Online Casino VIP Club
  • There are levels to the VIP Status once the upgrade is applied (most online parlors do not require a fee to enroll, just active participation).
  • After becoming a very important person in the eyes of the internet casino, it is possible to become a higher status of important than the other players on the site. This is done by increasing the US dollar amount of the bets one makes and how many “loyalty” points one earns, which is determined on how many days a week the player is active, how many bets per week are placed by the player, and finishing games.

So what exactly do I get if I sign up for one of these VIP Programs?

Prism Casino VIP Program
Prism Casino VIP Program

What’s the whole point of being a VIP if most US online casinos just let you join? It’s not even special then, right? Well that’s one way to look at it; another is to look at the cash back rewards. That’s right-online betting parlors offer cash back on deposits, withdrawals, and even winnings.

That means that the taxes paid, the duty to the house, and other expenses will be gifted back to the “very important player.” According to one online slot machine site, if a member has their VIP status high enough, they may even be able to expect an all-expenses paid vacation from the cash-back income alone!