What are the ways to participate in online gaming from the US?

In 2006, Congress passed a bill making online gambling illegal. As is the case with prohibition of any other desirable activity, people have been finding ways to bypass the legal system to satisfy their craving for financially-risky games. On top of that, there are a few states that it is at least partially legal to participate in online gambling activities.

New Jersey is the only state to “fully” legalize it; there are now many games to play online in Jersey, excluding poker. Delaware and Nevada have also taken steps to allow their residents to engage in internet betting, but as we all know: the United States’ legislative system is a slow-moving process. The reasoning behind the legalization is, per usual in America, because the government is losing out on potential profits. In 2013, American citizens spent nearly $3 billion in online betting parlors.

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So what can be done if I don’t live in one of the three states in which online gambling is okay?

What happens if someone wishes to play online games of chance, and put a little wager down on the outcome, but does not live in the states that have legalized the activity? Do not fret, there are options:

  • Firstly, if the person wanting to gamble online lives nearby one of three “legal” states and can find a fake address to use, it’s not all that hazardous to just play and hope no one finds out what they’re doing.
  • If that’s not an option, see if it’s possible to convolute the path in which the casino’s website is accessed and the track the transactions take. For instance, it is more safe to use a PayPal to make the transactions, putting an extra step in between the charge.
  • Also, if there is a way to access to website in a way differing from the norm, it will be harder to track.
  • One simple way to do this is to use the “Deep-Web” to gamble. There are countless private bookies for sporting event bets, a smorgasbord of casinos, and other unsavory activities available at the click of a button.
  • One final, but complicated and potentially risky, way to engage in online gambling is to get your hands on some Liberty Reserve. It’s a currency not recognized in the U.S. It has massive value on the black-market, however.

The Deep-Web is safest method. So how does one access it?


It’s a tad unnerving how easily accessible the often-illegal and dark underworld of the deep web can be accessed. All one must do is download a torrent that provides deep web access, and then the IP address used to access it is constantly bouncing around from location to location, making it difficult to track one’s online movement. On top of this, many casinos will use Bitcoins for transactions, making it virtually impossible to find who is making the transactions or where the funds are being transferred to.