How do I deposit and what are my deposit options?

In order to place wagers in an online casino, you must deposit funds into an account on the parlor’s website. How is this even possible when gambling online is supposedly illegal? Just as with any law or regulation, there are loopholes and ways around the rules.

If the gambler uses a site that is legalized in your state or if you live in one of the three states which allow online gambling (Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware), there is nothing to worry over. Most websites that are operating 100% within the limits of the law provide users with simple depositing options.

If someone who does not have access to these legal ways to participate in online gambling, however, depositing funds to bet with can be a tricky procedure. There’s a few different ways to do it, too.

US Deposit at Casinos
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Easiest ways to Deposit Money to be used for Online Wagers

Debit Cards and Credit Cards-

  • Common sense says that using a credit or debit card would be the simplest way to make a deposit to an internet casino’s website; these two methods are the most widely used payment option in the world. There are some issues with using cards for online gambling, however.
  • The trouble with using cards is not that the casinos will not accept them as payment, many sites will accept Visa and MasterCard and some will even take American Express. The issue lies with the credit card companies and the bank: many of them block online gambling transactions due to legal or ethical reasons.
  • One of the most popular, and simplest, ways to deposit funds into an online casino account is to use alternative currencies.
US Casino Deposits by Credit Card
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  • BitCoin is one of the fastest-growing electronic currencies out there. It allows consumers to remain completely anonymous by using a series of randomized numbers as a temporary identity for each purchase made. Many casinos will accept BitCoin as payment.
  • Using PayPal is another simple way to bypass the laws involving online gambling transactions. The card companies are charged “via PayPal” which is pre-approved, making it so that they do not find out what the charge is related to, resulting in an inability to block the transfer of funds.
  • Another way to beat the system is to use other “e-wallets.” These electronic wallets act like any other financial account; the account holder transfers money from a bank account into the e-wallet, then uses it for online purchases. Any of these sites, including PayPal, will accomplish the same general thing.

There’s Plenty of Options for those wanting to take the Gamble to Gamble Online

Clearly, it is not too difficult for those who wish to play their favorite game of chance online to get around the laws regarding the activities within the U.S.A.

It is as simple as being in the right state or transferring money from a bank account to an online-wallet-account. Once one has funds in an online betting parlor account, the betting can get underway